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Antique Scottish Jewellery

What do we know of Antique Scottish Jewellery? Let’s take a walk down the history lane shall we?

Queen Victoria visited Scotland in 1842 and with the beautiful and fascinating scenery all around her she quickly fell in love with the place. Because of her love for Scotland she purchased Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire in the early 1850's.

Pictured: Victorian Scottish Malachite Pebble Brooch, circa 1870

You might be wondering why I made mention of Queen Victoria right? Well, that’s simply because Queen Victoria had a major influence on the rise and fame of Agate jewellery. Yes, she really did love Scottish Jewellery and although Agate jewellery had already been around in Scotland for hundreds of years, it’s easy to see why it gained public allure and attraction. She’s the Queen after all, and along with the aristocracy they had a strong command on fashion trends at the time.

This type of jewellery often referred to as Agate Pebble Jewellery exhibits a colorful and exuberant display of traditional highland themes and signature. During the Victorian Era, incredibly beautiful Scottish jewellery made the rounds.

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Treasure Hunting at the Strathalbyn Antique Fair

   My Best-loved Finds...

The Strathalbyn Antique Fair is held annually in the charming, pretty and historic South Australian township of Strathalbyn. 
My first visit there was off the cuff, arriving early afternoon - leaving just enough time to visit (and marvel)! at all the jewellery exhibitor stalls. There were around 46 exhibitors and a myriad to capture in one blog. Thus, I've chosen a few neat pieces which caught my eye.
Just in case you're wondering, there was much more  than just jewellery at this fair, however for me jewellery idolizing was my mission!

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The Charm and Hidden Value of Vintage Marcasite Watches

Vintage doesn't mean obsolete. Why marcasite watches are making a comeback.

Have you ever noticed that most gadgets these days don't last beyond 5 years?

When I was a little girl, I remember decorating the Christmas tree each year. I specifically remember these enchanting and life-like decorations of a little Mrs Claus, Santa Claus, reindeers and elves. Every year the same decorations would come out to decorate all over again  .... and over 30 years on the same decorations are still adorning the Christmas tree in my mother's house (which my children help decorate each year)! Unfortunately not the same can be said for the Christmas decorations I've purchased for my tree, with a 1, or sometimes 2 year life span if I'm lucky!

Which brings me to my latest blog on vintage marcasite watches. The yesteryear charm, aesthetic appeal, functionality and individuality of these vintage marcasite watches are like no other on the modern market today. The elaborate design of these vintage watches often reminisce the Art Deco period, starting from 1920's through to mid 20th century and beyond.

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Vintage Jewellery vs Modern Jewellery

For some the thought of purchasing pre-loved vintage jewellery is old fashioned and perhaps reminds them of something their grandmother wore. However for others the thought of purchasing a vintage jewellery piece is much more than just another piece of jewellery. If you appreciate history and the style of the period your shopping for you will appreciate vintage jewellery, whether it be for collectability or wear-ability.

"Vintage is the new Modern"

antique locket Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery is like choosing the perfect piece of art -  a unique creation that represents a period in time, history and fashion. It is also an individual style sense, a vintage piece of jewellery looks just as appealing paired with sleek modern designs as it does with romantic vintage styles. The reverse however is not so true - ultra modern jewellery does not blend as well with the more feminine styles that women often wear.

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How Much is My Ring Worth?

Understanding the different jewellery values...

Have you a gemstone ring in your jewellery collection that you would like to know how much it's worth? A question which may seem straight forward, that is to you, can make it seem a little confusing when asked at the counter of your local jeweller.

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